Why I Was Hit By Agile Philosophy?

The most important reason why I was so deeply hit by Agile Philosophy is because of its values, principles, and in particular its “mindset”...

Agility contains and embraces many disciplines that I have experienced and tried to use throughout my business and personal life. Agile handles very effectively disciplines like; Lean management systems, project management, inclusive leadership, employee engagement, systems perspective, team coaching, coaching, mentoring.

The main point of philosophy of Agility is to see the external customer as a “stakeholder” beyond the classical perspectives that we can trust and cooperate with the win-win principle. This partnership enables us to satisfy the customer's wishes and needs through “continuous value delivery” and so customer satisfaction.

While creating this effect with the external customer, one of the most important contribution of agility is to see our internal customers – our employees - as our value. This contribution brings the opportunity to work with people who can manifest themselves in confidence, realize and live their own potential, take initiatives, experience different experiences and learn from these experiences instead of bureaucracy, strict control processes, intimidation, threats, etc.

 Lean & Agility

I was also excited to realize that agility was arm-in-arm with “lean management systems”, which I had the chance to experience in the automotive industry for 10 years.

In both disciplines, it is critical to reduce / eliminate waste (like activities, processes that do not add value to the customer) and to offer “value” to the customer.

Both have a “people-oriented” management approach. In both; focused, competent, motivated and responsible employees are at the heart of the organization.

“Visual management” is well used in both.

In both, trying new things and changing/transforming for better, is the heart of the work. That is why tools such as “value stream mapping” is used effectively in agile transformations.

What really strikes me about the agile mindset is the extent

that is compliant with the concept of “Learner and Judger Mindset” which I have

learned in coaching training in 2013. It is so important for me; because when I

ever I feel stuck, sad, hopeless; “Learner Mindset” is the thing that takes me

our of this emotional phase and always makes me find a greater meaning of what

I am experiencing.

agile judger learner mindset

When we are phasing any difficulties, problems; we often find ourselves in a judgmental mindset without even realizing it.

Whose fault is this?

Why did this happen to me / us?

How can I take control?

Why didn't I think about it before?

Why should I try?

Such questions go through our minds. With these and similar questions, we sometimes judge others and sometimes ourselves. We feel frustrated, tense, belligerent when judging others; unhappy, anxious, restless, inadequate when judging ourselves. These feelings do not help us, whether we judge ourselves or others. Prolonged exposure to such emotions may even cause loss of health.

Whatever the situation is, approaching with questions such as

• If there is a small truth here, what is it?

• What can I learn from this experience?

• What is my responsibility?

• What do I need now?

• What are my options?

• What is currently possible?

Allows us to develop a completely different perspective and feelings such as stuck, tightness, anger can be replaced by curiosity, enthusiasm, learning, and gratitude.

With Agile mindset, it is possible to manage organizations with a learning mindset and to get the roots the company culture from these values. That's why I'm so excited. 

Wouldn't you want to be in this kind of a transformation?

With my love and respect…

Şebnem Gürün Özeren 

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