Our company name HAGA derives from Cornelius Haga, the first Dutch ambassador who has been sent to Istanbul in 1612 to achieve grant of trade regime from Ottoman Empire. Despite intensive opposition of Venetian, French and English ambassadors at the Porte, Haga fulfilled successfully his mission and remained in Istanbul as resident ambassador for 27 years.

We established HAGA International Business B.V. in 2016 in Den Haag as a joint venture of Dröge & van Drimmelen and StratejiCo. both serving as corporate and public affairs companies and having successful track records in their operating countries more than 20 years. 

The main aim of HAGA was to create a value-added synergy with extensive knowledge and to broaden the win-win business between Turkey, Netherlands and beyond. Besides our strong muscles on the different facets of corporate communication, corporate and public affairs, we are good in research and analytical analysis. Considering the fast-changing in VUCA world, we promote Agile management in our projects and work with our partner for international Agile Transformation projects.

Coming to our days, the trade relations which last more than 400 years still underlines how this connection is important since Haga Cornelius: Netherlands is still the number one investor in Turkey and one of its top ten trading partners. Now, our young and dynamic company Haga will be contributing on this relation to accelerate and excel more.

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