Stakeholder Management

We support you to develop trust-based relationships which will be in line with your business goals.

Effective stakeholder (internal and external) management is of vital importance when setting up shop or when you want to sustain your business.

If you are new in the market or aims to enter with a new product / service, it is important what do local politicians, residents, other companies and potential customers think of your new business becomes crucial. These are your external stakeholders. For success, you need to quickly establish a strong local and national network in this new market. This means indeed building your brand.

For example, you want to start your business in the Netherlands (or in Europe). Whether it’s potential customers or employees, people must get to know your company. You need to position your company well ahead of your journey, define your unique selling product and communicate your message correctly to your community in a sustainable way to engage your audience.This means building your brand in the country. A positive reputation in a new country is an important aspect of getting new business. 

Moreover, you need to keep one eye on internal stakeholders management. Because in order to keep the best service towards your customers and sustain your reputation, you need to work in your best way with your employees. You need to balance the engagement level, you need to attract the talent appropriate for your business, you need to align the work force around a common purpose -especially in an ever-increasing remote work environment-.  

Shortly, you cannot separate internal and external stakeholders management if you want to succeed in a new market or with a new service. 

As HAGA Organizational Explorers, with our participatory and employee experience based model, we analyze enablers and barriers within your company so that you can create a proper roadmap to extend your business. To understand the motivation factors of your employees, to define Informal Leaders in your organization, to engage your employees based on the organizatinoal culture and values is our business.

We support our clients in developing trust-based relationships (internal & external) that align with their business goals. We help companies engage the communities in which they operate. We provide assistance to understand local issues, employees, external stakeholders and concerns about your business and get to win public support and mitigate opposition for the crucial projects.

Stakeholder Management