Post Crisis Business Agility Training

The Covid-19 crisis forces us to re-invent our working methods. Now, more than ever, agility is key to survival…

We are all aware that this crisis will be a real game-changer. Organizational structures are likely to crumble, and the culture of many companies will have to follow suit. At post-crisis period, there will be an ultimate need for re-organization, re-allocation of resources, re-building of the internal and external relations. Companies will face all decisions they made so far. To overcome the obstacles and become more resilient will be the key priorities since resilience is the prerequisite for Business Continuity. Businesses will have to completely re-plan their workforce strategy. At that point, to focus on the Agile principles and act accordingly will help companies to realize in disrupting environments the opportunities arising from themselves.  

At post-crisis period, business agility helps organizations recover from crises quickly and sustainably. Quick response times and rapid reprioritization and redistribution of budgets and other resources allow companies restart their business growth.

Utilizing agile patterns in combination with post-crisis management best practices allows these organizations to tackle issues such as employee welfare, the cost cutting/innovation paradox, team alignment and management in a continuously evolving environment, while maintaining and improving the brand’s image.

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Training Program

The object of the training is to help you bring clarity and understanding and develop your understanding of post-crisis management and agility. Importantly the focus of the training on increasing your organizational resilience and long term agility to help you build a sustainable organization and ready your business for the next crisis.

The online training consists of two half days and will help your organization to explore the following questions:

  • How you can mitigate the impacts of a crisis?
  • What are the critical success factors to restart your business growth? Where and how you will start? 
  • How you will use a crisis for growth and development and to become more resilient and future proof organization?


The Mitigation Phase

Every crisis is a process of transformation where the old system can no longer be maintained. Hence, to be aligned with this transformation, assessing this new reality quickly is critical in ensuring an appropriate and rapid response.

What can you do in this phase to learn and adapt, and thus make your organization as flexible as possible? First ensure these key prerequisites are in place:

  • an accurate system overview & analysis (including all stakeholders)
  • A clear strategy that is well understood by critical teams
  • Clear prioritization aligned with your new strategic position
  • A team of teams working with an agile mindset (including informal leaders)


The Post-Crisis Phase

Many organizations forget about the post-crisis phase, but this is the best teacher ever! Ensuring the learnings from this period of stress are embedded in the organization will go a long way towards ensuring organizational readiness for new system shocks. 

The post crisis phase is characterized by two key issues:

  • To face all the decisions that you made during the crisis,
  • To prepare your organization for the next shocks; meaning to be more resilient.  

Resilience is a quality within organizations which allows them to manage crises and disruption to operations, resist sudden shocks and adapt to changes. Organizational resilience is a function of an organization’s overall situation awareness, management of keystone vulnerabilities, and adaptive capacity.

Assessing your organization’s readiness will provide you with a clear perspective on where your organization is adequately prepared, and where improvements can be made. To help you gauge your organization’s current position and readiness we are happy to offer you out resilience assessment tool.

Organizational Resilience

In short, in a complex, dynamic and interconnected environment, a crisis is a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’! How well your organization has prepared and how quickly it is able to respond is a key differentiator in handling a crisis well. Depending on the severity of the crisis your organization is facing, this may hand an advantage to your competitors or even threaten the very existence of your organization.


Training Outcome 

After the training and after using our specially developed tools, templates and integrated lessons you will have a clear understanding of the phases of a crisis, and knowledge to mitigate their impacts effectively. You will practice how you will rebuild your workforce in an Agile way. 

Additionally, you will be able to evaluate the post-crisis lessons; what are the parameters for your company to be more resilient and how you to gauge your organizational readiness. You will also understand how to recognize critical signs of an imminent crisis. 


Taking action and assessing organizational readiness

On top of that the training program has been designed to assess your organization’s resilience to crises and offer you clear guidelines to improve future readiness.

The program consists of knowledge sessions, cases and interactive exercises to allow you to put what you’ve learned into practice straight away. Subjects include:

  • How to detect an imminent crisis at an early stage
  • How to establish metrics to define the right scenario to choose to manage the situation
  • How to get insights from different stakeholders and prepare your strategic positioning to manage the crisis in an appropriate way
  • How to manage assumptions in a crisis to facilitate rapid and accurate decision making
  • How to work on alternative crisis scenarios for your company and be ready for the next Black Swan
  • How to sense, prioritize, and scan risk areas
  • How to develop a consistent and complementary crisis management plan that includes all relevant stakeholders
  • How to map stakeholders, prepare an effective crisis communication plan, and communicate with them effectively
  • How to leverage the power of agile ways of working in a crisis environment and work as a team of teams
  • How to empower and coach your people to maximize their engagement and effectiveness
  • How you can assess your company’s resilience to crisis in real time and how to act on the results


Exercises and Tools to be used 

The training will be conducted with group exercises using different tools to work on a case besides the theoretical explanations. Some of the tools and approaches that will be used during the training are below:

  • Insight canvas for the assessment of overall system
  • Strategic positioning
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Participatory communication planning
  • Adaptive portfolio management for prioritization
  • Team establishment and how to select the right informal leaders
  • Establishment of tea of teams to work in an Agile way, scale the mindset and communication escalation paths
  • Resilience detector to see how you are ready for the next crisis / challenge
  • Usage of online tooling such as Mural, Linoit, Miro and Trello to create a highly interactive experience 

strategic communication plan 

Target Audience 

The training is targeted at all professionals who

  • need to understand how they can be more flexible and resilient for the next crisis / challenges,
  • need to understand how to foresee a crisis, how to manage it and mitigate the impacts,
  • want to learn more and develop themselves at Post-Crisis period, to turn a crisis into an opportunity for themsleves and for their company. 



This training is offered in partnership with Organize Agile. Combining our expertise in Agile and Crisis Management ensures you get the best combination of our unique perspectives and experiences. With over twenty years of joint experience in agile and crisis management we are happy to invite you to learn from our experiences and build on our best-practices.





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