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6th of January, 2021
Agility is a matter of Mindset. The projects where only the technical part of agile methodologies are learnt and implemented succeed to an extend. We are happy to announce that the ground breaking book of Global Agile People Movement Agile People - A Radical Approach for HR & Managers - where Pia Maria Thoren has brought the tearms 'HR' and 'Agile' first time together - is now in Turkish as Çevik İnsanlar - Yöneticiler ve Çalışanlar için Çalışan Motivasyonunu Artıran Radikal Bir Yaklaşım. We are honored to be the editors of the book!
Çevik İnsanlar Kİtap Kapak Yandan Büyük.PNG

In addition to this preicous resource, we had also co-authered with other valuable Agile People Agilists from around the globe "Agile People Principles - Your Call to Action for the Future of Work" book. And we had a great book launch and conference in September, 2020. If you would like to reach our keynotes in the conference: 

agile people principles kapak inanc sebnem

We hope that these books would trigger Human Centered changes in management systems. 

If you would like to share your quesitons & comments, if you want to ask how to implement them in your company/team or if you want to buy the books with a discount you may reach us: info@hagaconsultancy.com