Open Agile HR Training II

16-17 December 2019, Istanbul

During our Agile HR (16-17 Dec 2019) we discovered again how HR departments can contribute more to the real Agile transformation.



Besides, getting international ICP-TAL certificates, the participants learned a lot with theory, real cases and plenty of exercise. Some of the take-aways were:

  • What an Agile organization is, and the necessary principles and conditions for such an organization
  • The meaning of agile organization and growth of agile as a way of thinking, working and organizing
  • The methodologies and frameworks of Agile HR
  • New requirements for leaders of (agile) organizations in HR roles
  • Why it is so important for HR to facilitate Agile Transformation and how HR be an enabler
  • Different options on how HR responsibilities can be distributed to self-organizing teams
  • New approaches to traditional HR tools including feedback, performance evaluation and recruitment, talent management, compensation & benefits and more.