MAVI - Participatory Leadership

October 6th & 7th, 2021

Mavi is the leading lifestyle brand of Turkey, existing in 34 countries known for their superior quality, and product innovation. 

(preferred also by Richard Branson ;)


Mavi is not only reputable by its quality, also they are reputable by their up-to-date trainings.

We -as Haga- realized a 2 days brand-new Adaptive Leadership training with Mavi management teams.


We talked about 'Adaptive Leadership' from 3 perspectives:

  • WHY do we need Adaptive Leadership?
  • WHAT do we mean by Adaptive Leader?
  • HOW do we become Adaptive Leader?




We digged on:

_ VUCA world and how it affects our business World

_ New management approaches through the Cynefin Model

_ Agile organizations and Adaptive Complex Systems

_ Changing new Leadership styles and ‘Paradox Driver’

_ Pre-conditions to become an Adaptive Leadership

_ How we will align Structure and Culture Mismatch

_ and lastly how we will use OKRs to stretch at Individual, Team and Organizational levels



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