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This means that Turkish companies have a lot to learn from the Dutch practice. Our business model enables Turkish companies to invest in the Dutch market and gain know how through our regulatory and business guidance as well as relationship building services. There are numerous questions as how we will find new business opportunities, stakeholders, how we will enable the best coherence between internal and external stakeholders and how we will struggle against the resistance against the chance. During this period, we will see many corporations, SMEs, and FDIs will be learning from the Dutch practice in the Netherlands. At this point, we will help Turkish businesses adapt new capabilities to differentiate in the highly competitive and automated Dutch market.

We will guide you with our consultancy services tailor made for your needs from market entry to strategic guidance, where we melt all our corporate and public affairs experience in the same pot. Basically, we will show you the way how to enter, act and succeed in a new environment.

There are two important ingredients for the recipe of a successful business: corporate and public affairs-in which you create your range of motion by understanding the restrictions and opportunities- and an agile workforce. We don’t give in to stress, instead, we roll up our sleeves and get to work with our successful and certified agile transformation services. We talked about automation, AI and digitalization but we still need humans. Haga’s Agile Transformation services enable the businesses to revive their true potential while smoothing adapting the new regulatory framework, new realities in the new market with an internal and external stakeholder alignment. Our public and corporate affairs will guide you through the way to success in the regulatory business environment with constant macroeconomic and political monitoring and relationship building while our agile practice will enable your internal human capital to reach its maximum potential in a way to support your business in the external business atmosphere.

Finally, we transfer our experience to create an agile organization via Agile HR Trainings together with Agile People and other cutting-edge training partners. We have already had 3 trainings held in Istanbul and Utrecht. We learned the agile frameworks, transforming conventional HR tools, and agile leadership. We made it with lots of joy, smile and amusement J Furthermore, We are keeping up-to-date our knowledge and practice by participating to the trend-setter bootcamps and workshops held in Sweden and the Netherlands.

Long story short, Haga’s agile practice will make your workforce bulletproof while even the Tesla cyber truck cannot do it…

This is basically what Haga is for and for what Haga explores. Stay tuned to explore with us more articles, workshops, best practices and more agility!

Thank you.

Inanc Civaz

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