Crisis Management & Crisis Communication

With our worldwide proven crisis management expertise, we walk through the eye of the storm and work with you closely in each step as your trusted crisis counselor.

Crisis Management is a Field Management (such as political campaigns, wars, disasters, strikes, etc.) where you need to manage a chaotic environment with the involvement of many complex parties. This is the place where you’re obliged to practice your best with full capacity to win within a fierce competition.

There are types of crises and standardized crisis management plans. However, in a crisis the best approach is to stick at ‘critical thinking’ and be really aware of your unique conjuncture:

  • Act according to your own strategy,
  • Analyze well your structure and conjuncture,
  • and thrive from your own cultural strengths.


In a crisis situation, the crucial point is that in order to keep the best towards your external stakeholders you need to work best with your internal stakeholders. However, while people are on high alert for danger signals -rumors, misinformation, and panic spreading with alarming speed- to keep the sentiment (both customers’ & employees’) is the biggest challenge. You need to observe in a fastest way the patterns and act spontaneously. And this requires full integration of data sources. But even though collaborative knowledge is essential and to provide the correct information on time is crucial, you will need to persuade parties to communicate because at the beginning there might be resistance.

This is easier than said ! In short, you need a very efficient agile crisis management team responsible for full coordination, but you will not be able to train them until you stabilize the crisis. So, what do you do?  You have very limited time to act, you need a strong team to overcome the situation. The key idea that you need to keep in mind; in crises situation someone must always own the moment.  



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