Crisis: Best Tool to Engage Your Employees

This title can look awkward to you. But I really saw it happened.

The below image was the one many of my colleagues and I used in my signatures to emphasize our intention and need for collaboration and working as 'one' during the huge crisis in my company. 


In a crisis environment, where you can’t foresee how things evolve and when you need really ‘new ways’ to manage your operations-supply chain-customers; you need the involvement of your PEOPLE. Time is for ‘collective wisdom’, it was more than ever.

In order to do this, you need to continuously make internal communication with your employees. And the key there is to be as transparent as possible.

  • Prepare your communication with all the facts you have about the current situation. Situation about your company, external factors, risks and also share with them all the facts you are lacking.
  • Talk about the worst-case scenario and also the best-case scenario possible that you see in that moment. Do not make ‘fictitious’ positive statements about the situation. For example, if you are working on a down-sizing scenario, don’t hide this. Nothing would be kept secret. Explain the things you are doing to eliminate this scenario. If you lose the trust of your employees; it will be too hard to gain it back.
  • Prepare your Q&A’s (possible questions and answers) that can come from different internal stakeholders. If you don’t know some answers also be transparent. Transparency would be your power
  • Prepare your questions to your employees on the new way of managing your operations and your people’s concerns about your operations.
  • Make a ‘Call’ to your people. Sincerely state that, you need their involvement, mind and heart to achieve the best-case scenario.

You would see that the engagement of employees will increase and there would be many of them having passion to go extra mile for their company, for their colleagues and for their own destiny. As it said in Agile Way of Working: Give the Why to your People and leave the How to them.

For people to accept your Call, be human. Don’t hide your emotions. You may have hard times, you may have worries about your company, your people. Share it.

People would not follow fake powerful leaders. They will follow the ones who are open and the ones who go first to the battle.

Have a safe day…

Sebnem Gurun Ozeren.

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