AGILITY BOOSTER: A Tool to Show You Where and How to Start

February 22nd, 2021 - CET 17:00 (19:00 TR Time)

Agile transformations usually start by running agile teams in IT departments. And this ‘copy-paste concept’ makes it impossible to define and focus on the leverage projects leading to real Business Agility for that organization. 

Every company is unique

In order to leverage the hidden potential fastly and in the most effective way; we need to lead this change in a holistic way; taking into consideration the Strategy, Structure and Culture of that organization. 

With ‘Agility BoosterTool & Model, you would gain:

    • Holistic business perspective to analyse ‘As Is’ & prepare ‘To Be’
    • Articulation of purpose and the level of strategy alignment
    • Unique strengths and perceived challenging barriers
    • Drivers to be more customer centric
    • Customized roadmap to close the alignment gap
    • ‘Real’ motivation factors to create the commitment

If you want to run 6 km/hr instead of 1 km/hr at your Agile journey, join us in this perspective changing event in Agile 20 Reflect Festival!

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