Agile Performance Management

Agile Performance Management


Agility is no longer a luxury in management, it's a necessity!

In a rapidly developing and changing world, agility is now one of the indispensable competencies for organizations to gain competitive advantage and even survive.

Moreover, the changing -hybrid working- systems after Covid pushes institutions to seek new performance management.

However, in the transition to Agility, it is critical to manage structural and cultural change together in order to achieve real performance. In this process, while institutions aim to achieve operational agility, they also have to create a 'Culture' where their employees can demonstrate their competencies and performances most comfortably.


The two main questions we come across in this process are:

1. How will we adapt traditional performance indicators to Agile Management?

2. How will we rapidly develop our employees' competences to implement Agile?


You will find answers to these critical questions in this brand new training!

In addition to theory, you will see concrete examples and experience them through interactive studies.

In short, you will learn how to integrate the two winds of change (STRUCTURAL and CULTURAL) into your organization.




Training Program  

This training consists of 3 main modules, including cases and exercises.


1. Changing Performance Approach

  • Why do we have performance management?
  • What are the changing needs in performance management? And why? 
  • Agile Approach & Agile Performance Management
  • The goals for in performance management; examples from the world.


2. Structural Change

  • What is the structure of the agile organization?
  • What are the new Directive and Participatory Indicators?
  • Why to use Objective Key Results (OKR)?
  • What is the difference between KPI and OKR?
  • How to create a KPI & OKR Hybrid Structure?
  • How to link the Strategy - Objective and Tactics and align with Participatory Indicators in 3 levels (Individual-Team-Organizaiton)?


3. Cultural Change

  • What is 'Adaptive Complex System'?
  • Why is Structure-Culture Alignment is crucial?
  • What is Agile Culture? What are the important pre-conditions? 
  • How you can start?


Who Should Attend

Everyone who considers him/herself curious enough to understand the changing needs of performance management, who wants to learn  new hybrid performance indicators and to practise how they will embed it to their own routines.  


HAGA Organizational Explorers is a Dutch-Turkish joint venture business consultancy company with an extensive international hybrid experience that delivers customized and people-focused Agile solutions. We serve our clients with our Dutch, Swedish and Turkish consultants so that they not only bounce back but bounce forward from challenging situations. 


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