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Internationally Certified Agile HR Training

--- This training is available both as Online & Offline ---

Agility is one of the most essential competencies for corporations in the age of rapid change and development. For corporate agility, we must revolutionize our HR processes and approaches. Agile HR comes into play at this stage.

An Agile corporation consists of self-organizing and highly-disciplined teams. These teams can easily put HR’s hat on. Teams and Agile HR team organize the necessary training together, they do the recruitment together. The Agile HR transformation in corporations brings new opportunities as well. Agile HR does not change only the structure of HR, but also provides incredible opportunities to transform the whole structure into Agile.

In the journey of Agile HR, different paths are available. If the HR department has different work dynamics, then they can start working with Agile on their own. They can start applying Agile with different frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban or Agile portfolio. This way, HR projects can be visualized and,

  • The decision mechanism in the HR department becomes more transparent,
  • HR continues to learn and to accommodate continuously by engaging with internal customers and stakeholders.
  • HR can always focus on important tasks.

Day by day, more corporations want to foster their agility to respond to changes faster and to make their customers satisfied. This means a new perspective within the company, a new mindset and new competencies in the company's human resources. 

In short, agility is a way of thinking. It is neither about control nor about setting rules. It focuses on learning and predictions based on intuitions. It aims to satisfy customers through strong, self-organizing, and motivated teams. HR plays a crucial role in spreading this way of thinking.


Training Program

What will you learn in this training?  

  • What an Agile organization is, and the necessary principles and conditions for such an organization. Also how the organizational structure, leadership competencies, culture look like in such an organization,
  • Why it is so important for HR to facilitate Agile Transformation and roles of HR that enable the formation of Agile organizations in 4 layers:
    • Organizational level,  
    • Leadership and self-organizing team level, 
    • Becoming Agile in HR department itself, 
    • And transforming traditional HR TOOLS like performance management, feedback, recruitment, talent management, compensation & benefits and more.
  • You will also learn how to design all these tools with Agile Values; because HR has a huge impact on the culture and management systems of any organization. 
  • Additionally you will practise and experience the heart of Agile tools and routines such as:
    • Scrum, 
    • Backlog management, 
    • Retrospective, 
    • Sprint planning, 
    • Agile Portfolio Management

The training combines both theoretical knowledge and experience through the real-life cases and and plenty of exercises. The cases are from leading and international corporations including retail, construction, manufacturing, foods and beverages, and professional services industries.


Offline Training

Offline training is 2 full days consisting of a wide range of practices, exercises and games in order to embody the learnings. 

agile hr aralık egitim gorsel 2


Online Training

During the online training, we are using Zoom, Trello, Linoit, Mural, Miro, Coggle as facilitation tools. In case of effective use, team exercises become as efficient and enjoyable as it is on offline trainings!

Online training is held in total 4 half day sessions. The materials and necessary information are being shared before each session, so that the participants have enough familiarity in advance. There will be also some pre-work and after-work for every session. 

agile people challanges with perf man

agile people mural example

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Training Outcome

Through the training, participants will learn how to renew HR practices and HR tools to support their companies at a strategic and operational level.

Upon an active participation of the training the participants will receive Agile People Certificate of Participation.

After completion of the post-training homework, the participants will be provided the ICP-AHR certificate which is given by International Consortium for Agile. This certificate will be served upon request. For online course, the participants have to attend an extra 4 hours practice-intensive online session (in total extra session costs 90 Euros).

You will also be welcomed into the Agile People Community, a global network of agile professionals collaborating to promote and help modern organizations towards increased business agility.

 Agile ICP-HR

Target Audience

Experienced leaders and managers that see the value of stimulating agility and want to commit themselves to that.

All HR professionals and HR Business Partners who want to learn how they can make their employees', teams', organizations' agile journey easier. (Experience with agile is not required.)

All Agile coaches and consultants who want to supply their clients the top notch service in both the private and public sectors. 



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