Agile Crisis Management Training - Online

15 & 17 April 2020 (2 half days)

In a crisis situation, primary objective is Survival! But when hard times are left behind, businesses will have to face all the decisions they have made during the crisis! Moreover, -if we are good students- every crisis teaches us to be more resilient: Crises are the best assessment centers!


Course Overview:

Agile crisis management is a -proven track recorded- new approach to teach us how we can manage effectively the crisis, how we can mitigate its impacts and how we can be more resilient.

It is crucial to know that standardized crisis planning and managing will not be enough to overcome all the complexity of our modern VUCA age. Hence, your organization need to strengthen its Agility muscles, and needs to address a crisis in its own way. That’s why your tailor-made approach should always be based upon your own organization’s strategy, structure and stakeholder relations. In a crisis situation, your culture is your base of strength, meaning you should act in line with your existing organizational culture.

At our online Agile crisis management training we will cover why & how you should act at pre-crisis, management & stabilization, and post-crisis phases.


Training Program: 

The training program consists of theoretical knowledge, experience sharing, cases as well as interactive exercises.

During these 2 half-days online interactive training, we will go over how your organization can navigate crises by exploring critical success factors during the 3 phases of Agile Crisis Management:

  • Pre-crisis phase (Preparing for crises)
  • Crisis management and stabilization phase (Active crisis management and Crisis effect mitigation)
  • Post-crisis phase (Using the crisis as an opportunity)



At the end of the training, you will learn how to work manage the crisis in an ‘agile way’:

  • How to work on alternative crisis scenarios for your company and be ready for the next Black Swan,
  • How to recognize warning signs before a crisis hit you,
  • How to deal with assumptions in a crisis to decide faster and more accurate,
  • Stakeholder mapping,
  • How to establish an effective crisis team & how to work in an Agile way,
  • How to balance the sentiment of employees and customers,
  • How to coach people to get the best out of them and empower them,
  • How to keep your team focused during this crisis,
  • The ingenuity of crisis communication,
  • Key challenges and key success factors in crisis management,
  • Post crisis review and development,
  • Organizational resilience and business continuity.


Target Audience:

Anybody who is interested in learning Agile Crisis Management and having an intention to be ready and resilient for the next possible crisis in order to contribute more within his/her organization.



This training is offered in partnership with Organize Agile. Combining our expertise in Agile and Crisis Management ensures you get the best combination of our unique perspectives and experiences.



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İnanç Civaz
Haga Consultancy

  Michiel van Gerven
Organize Agile
  Sebnem Gürün Özeren
Haga Consultancy


Training Fee: 

€695- excluding VAT per person (Training will be held in English)


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