About Us

HAGA Organizational Explorers

HAGA Organizational Explorers is a dynamic company established from two reputable companies from Turkey and the Netherlands: StratejiCo. and Dröge & van Drimmelen respectively. Having a proven track record through many recognized international corporate and public affairs projects; these two important consultancy firms provide HAGA a strong foundation and a vast, intercultural network on various business needs.

With more than 20 years of extensive experience coming from our parent companies, we provide customized solutions dedicated to your business objectives with a global approach.

Our unique blend of corporate and public affairs, combined with our measurable and cultural change focused Agile transformation services, helps your company adapt to changing business realities.

We help you maximize your strengths in the international arena where the competition is rising radically. Without losing sight of the strategy axis, as HAGA, we maintain the communication and relationship management compass and put forward a holistic business consultancy service. We maintain our focus on people while executing our services because we believe that a strategy has to convince both internal and external stakeholders in order to stay resilient in VUCA world. For this reason, we support you in terms of recognizing intercultural business sensitivities and provide you the tools you need to accommodate different approaches of doing business, so that your chosen strategy remains effective. 

With our distinguished employee base and experienced solution partners, we offer extensive knowledge, strong research and insight analysis capabilities to redefine corporate affairs and help you move towards a more agile business. Our sector-independent approach and measurable models help you make your business more manageable within the framework of relationship and communication management; this helps build influence to reach your potential in a faster way and increase your ROI.

Besides offering you support in the sectors and countries you currently operate in, we can help broaden your horizons for new markets through our global network, with offices based in Brussels, Copenhagen, Shanghai, New York and Istanbul, This international network provides us an extensive knowledge on global trends and latest developments, which of course translates into your business reaching the global environment in one single step.